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To Do list
Hi all,

I've been busy.... (changelog)

1. Added forums for tribute bands who have joined The Guild.
2. Added forums for discussions around individual members of Genesis and Genesis themselves.
3. Added this forum to discuss ideas for the forum itself.
4. Added a header image (though it probably needs to be smaller).
5. Changed various config settings, post post display to a classic forum style, rather than having the post details over the top of the post.

That's all for now. Feel free to post your own ideas and I'll pick them up as and when I get chance.


1. Off topic discussion forum.
2. Musicians & Depping opportunities / ads forum.


1. Smaller header graphic / logo.
Hi Andrew, great job... could we have a musicians/instruments type page, like Banjo Man in TIOA forum? What dies everyone think? Dan, keys, Afterglow.... Smile
Hi Dan,

We already have a "musicians talk" forum. Is that what you mean?

1. Forum link on the main website, to link here.
2. Forum added to the top nav menu of the main website.


1. Header image now white background instead of grey.

1. The Prog Blog (find it here:
2. An interview with Pete (the first Prog Blog post:
3. Added The Prog Blog onto the main navigation menu.

Note; I stole an image from the Afterglow website, so if it needs a credit, let me know.  :-)

1. Share buttons to Prog Blog posts. Now you can easily share articles on social media and various other places.

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