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Afterglow Says Hello
Well, let me be the first to welcome you all to our page.

I’d like to introduce you to the band, as I’m the only sociable member... (not really!)

On drums, we have Mr. Andrew Daish... he doesn’t say much but he has a lot of drum things.
On bass and guitars,we have Mr. Martin Wadsworth .... he’s quite quiet, but his Taurus pedals make up for that...
On guitars and more guitars, we have Mr. Michael Peatfield. He just keeps buying guitars.
On vocals, we have Irish Phil himself, Mr. Peter McDonagh. He’s actually a Scottish Irish chimaera, but he sings pretty well.

Oh, and there’s me - I’m Dan Parratt, and I have a few vintage keyboards that mostly work...

Lots to come from us, but please, post away and ask us questions. 

DBP :-)
Hi guys

Good to have you here

best wishes


"They'll never see the likes of us ..AGAIN"
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I used to listen to music and songs in a way that came back for a long time and Phil Collins was always one of those singers. I used to hear my mind. Today do my assignment free , I have to deal with a lot of stress to do my job, which even includes promotion and marketing. I haven't listened to those songs for a long time, now I can cope with the difficulties now.


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