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Press Release -
Hi all,

Just thought you might like to see our new press release. This is being sent to many major news outlets, to try to get some coverage for GGTB and the bands involved. Feel free to pass it along to anyone whom it might interest.

I've attached the PDF original to this post. The text is also duplicated below:

British Genesis Tribute Bands Form Unique Partnership to bring Live Music to the fans

1st March 2018: Bands Create the Ancient Guild of Genesis Tribute Bands to promote one of the Greatest Prog Rock Band’s Music

It is very unlikely that Genesis will reform and tour again. A tragedy for music lovers. But all is not lost! There are some excellent Genesis tribute bands still flying the flag and playing gigs all over the UK, keeping the music of the greatest prog band of all, alive. However, there are thousands of fans who are entirely unaware that they can hear their favourite music in a live venue.

To remedy this situation three first class British based Genesis tribute bands have joined forces to create The Ancient Guild of Genesis Tribute bands; a collaboration to promote the live performance of what is undoubtedly the greatest progressive rock band ever. This collaboration is a unique solution to the promotional challenge that each of the bands face – how to get the best coverage and expand the market for the live performance of the music of Genesis in an affordable way.

The Guild comprises of bands Los Endos, Mama & Afterglow, all of whom are dedicated to the music of Genesis and to making sure fans of all ages and of all eras, get to experience top quality live performances of the highest musical standard and relive their favourite Genesis songs.

The idea came from Los Endos bassist, Martin Clarke, who says, “We want to reach out to the thousands of fans who thought they would never hear this music live again. It would be so easy for each of the bands to view the others as competition for a limited audience. We don’t believe that. We believe that together we can co-operate to hugely expand our audience and to give them the big budget concerts they crave”.

The website for has been created by Andrew Prince of Mama and links to all the performances over the next few months by all of the bands. Additionally there are plans to use the Guild as an online forum for the active discussion of Genesis. The Guild is testing out the idea with a series of ads in Prog magazine starting with the March edition. In the future there are plans for festivals and further advertising campaigns.

Andrew, from Mama says “Regularly performing Genesis music live has allowed us to meet many like minded Genesis fans and build amazing friendships. Our new joint venture seeks to build on that by creating a single online space for fans and bands alike to discuss and find out about shows they’re interested in and the band we are all so passionate about - Genesis. With a bit of hard work and close cooperation with our friends in Los Endos and Afterglow, we hope to celebrate the music of Genesis with our audiences like never before.”

Andy, from Afterglow says “To us, being part of the Guild shows how passionate we feel about the music and we want to share our passion with Genesis fans”

The Ancient Guild of Genesis Tribute Bands believe this is the first time a group of competitor tribute bands in any genre of music have come together to collaborate in this way. By working together, they hope that they can bring Genesis back to the large scale venues this music truly deserves.

Martin says “As musicians, we have always viewed the chance to play this complex, challenging, beautiful music as an immense privilege. Los Endos have been together over ten years now, striving constantly to reproduce the sound and emotion of the great gigs of seventies and eighties. And I am sure all the bands in the Guild will deliver a fantastic musical experience to all fans of this music. Come to a gig and check it out – you will not be disappointed! ”

Los Endos, Mama and Afterglow are touring separately up and down the country this year – there is sure to be a show within reach of any mainland fan.

.pdf   Prog_PressRelease- Final.pdf (Size: 189.15 KB / Downloads: 0)
I love this collaboration and GGTB remains always ahead to provide fun and good music to their followers. So its great that band is doing some unique and different best essays writing service stuff nowadays.

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